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Welcome to Mike's Boating Page

My son Christopher aboard our Escapade pedal boat.

Richard Ehrlich towing 6 year old Lauren Ball behind his Current Designs Kawak using Bob Stuart's Spin Fin pedal prop drive unit. Here is another picture of it. Richard can tow Lauren about 30 meters at a time.

Here is the boat I used to cross Puget Sound from Alki Beach to Bainbridge Island and back with the Sound Rowers racers in 1999. Since then I've crossed the Sound many times in my Escapade and Cadence.

My Boats

Escapade and Cadence Paddle Wheelers Festivals
Lake Chelan 1999 canoe Cowichan Bay 1995
Budd Inlet, 1999 YA Photos Cowichan Bay 2000
Stories 2000  2001 YA Paddlewheel Axle Photos Cow Bay Links
Stories 2002  2003 YA's First Race More Cow Bay Links
Stories 2004  2005 Pt. Defiance Kayak Symposium 2005
Web Log (blog) 2005-now

For a list of Frequently Asked Escapade Questions, go here. For a list of Frequently Asked Cadence Questions, go here.

Here is a comparison shot of the Harken and Escapade pedal/prop drive units.
Here is a shot of the latest Cadence strut and propeller. Both will be polished to a mirror finish in the final production step.

For those who believe that HPB's don't create much of a wake, here is a wake-up (pun intended) shot: small and large. Thanks for this picture go to Bob Stuart.

Human Powered Boating Links

Internation Human Powered Vehicle Association
Excellent human powered boat resource site maintained by me now
HPB Calculator, site maintained by Warren Beauchamp of both land and water based HPV fame
Water biking from a European perspective
Comparative list of lots of different pedaled and paddled boats.
MIT's Decavitator (very good homepage with hydrofoil intro);
Japanese Solar and Human powered Boating;
Philip Thiel's web site, which includes the famous Escargot pedal powered cabin cruiser

Scafo recumbent human powered hydrofoil

Sound Rowers Rowing and Paddling club, which supports all forms of human powered boat racing

2004 Halloween Hydrobowl photos

Article about Surface Piercing Propellers

A presentation made in Europe about various human powered boat types and their design trade-offs.

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Commercial sites

Aquacycle - ride a big trike on the beach or water;
Nauticraft Escapade and Sprite - I bought an Escapade in July, 1999, and am having a lot of fun with it! A dealer in Olympia, WA was selling them. The local (to Washington State) dealer is now on the Pacific coast at Winds of Westport. Tell them Mike (agent ESC0103) sent ya!
R. C. Gilmore's HPV page, which has lots of water, land and air links
Hobie Mirage - fin driven kayaks
Hydro Bikes - Upright style pedaled catamarans
Open Water Cycling's Cadence. I took ownership of one of these in March, 2003. Since then I've managed to break all the local pedal boat speed records with the Sound Rowers! This is definitely a fast, versatile boat. Easy to carry on my car top, doesn't require a boat launch, and can carry a lot of cargo. You do get wet more easily than an Escapade, but no more than you would if you were in a kayak.
Prophish WaterSkipper - pedal/prop inflatable catamaran
Sea Cycle - pedal/prop hard hull catamaran
SurfBike - a fast, lightweight relatively inexpensive boat - but unfortunately out of business;
TRAMPOFOIL unfortunately now out of business (hydrofoil, cool);
Wave Walker by Hydrocycles.

Excellent boating links site, including The Mother of All Maritime Links

News broadcast of the Crosstrek pedal powered airboat, in Windows Media and Real Media format, digitized by Ken Wetz.

Northwest Boating Travel Sites

Boat Launches in Washington State

Lake Washington and Sammamish Water Conditions - in real time, no less

Weather data as accumulated by the WA State ferries as they cross Puget Sound

Pacific Northwest Tides and Currents - calculated
More Pacific Northwest Tides, select from a list and click a button.
Same web site, covering tides for the USA, select from a list and click a button.
Take along your own free portable tide calculator software for your PDA

USA NOAA 2006 tides

Aerial photos of the saltwater shoreline of Washington State - courtesy of WA State.

Washington State Parks Moorage Info - includes basic amenities at each location

San Juan Island Friday Harbor tides - courtesy of NOAA

A guide to the San Juan Islands, WA USA

Washington State Tourism - pretty good

Washington Boating Safety Officers Association, with links to river levels, tides and other resources

Outdoors and travel stuff

Boating in the Pacific NW

Here's a kayak-oriented summary of a lot of neat places to visit in British Columbia, Canada

Topozone Maps - Not a boating site, exactly, but an excellent source for online customizable maps

The book "Sea Kayaker's Deep Trouble: True Stories and Their Lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine" has accounts of a number of kayaking accidents, many taking place in areas that people in the Pacific Northwest may wish to visit.

Another book I've found very useful for developing and refining navigation and planning skills, as well as learning about how to minimize the risks of current and other dangers is "Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation": Something I really like about this book is that it goes beyond the "proper" methods of navigation (which are sometimes very difficult to perform while bouncing around in a small boat), and gives lots of useful tricks, suggestions for alternate tools, and methods of estimation that are especially suited for small boaters. A bit of the material is pretty specific to kayaks, but most of it is probably applicable to most small boats. As an added benefit, this is by a local author, so many of the examples are from the Puget Sound region.

Outing on Lake Union with Rick Willoughby in my green/black Cadence while his wife and I pedal about in an Escapade 5/24/2008

Presentation given at Seattle Bike Expo 3/7/2004

In case you ever wanted to know what a Force N wind looks like, here is a great site.

Other Boating Links

Virtual boat tours in Finland. Boy, there certainly are lots of little islands and channels to explore there!

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