Cowichan Bay, B.C. 95 Pedal Powered Boat Festival


This is a picture of the first Kawak I saw, the REX (for Red EXperimental, according to Bob Stuart). The pilot is Gordie Nash. In this shot he is using his paddle rather than the prop unit as the vessel is in an extremely weedy area near the boat launch.

The pictures above shows the assembled framework of Werner Vogel's boat. It was professionally made using gas welded aluminum tubing in Werner's shop. Very nice!

The seats slide along the framework to adjust for any pair of pedalers.

The finished product, with Ginette and Werner Vogel cruising smoothly around the bay.

The above picture shows Christopher and Michael Lampi cruising around the bay in Dakanu. One of the noteworthy things about Dakanu is that no holes were drilled in the canoe to accomodate the paddle wheels, fenders, tiller or seat back. The draft of the boat is about 5 inches at the tiller, 2 to 4 inches elsewhere.

Werner Vogel's boat is in the background.

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