Y2K Escapade Cruises

This page links to pictures of cruises I took during 2000 in my Escapade pedal propelled boat.

Lake Union, February, 2000

Lake Sammammish Race Story, March, 2000

Ballard to Bainbridge Island, April, 2000

Lakes Union and Washington, April, 2000

Lakes Union and Washington Story, April, 2000

Cowichan Bay Pedal Powered Potlatch, June, 2000

Hartland Hydrofest, June, 2000

Sound Rowers Great Cross Sound Challenge, Alki Beach to Bainbridge Island and back, August, 2000

Sound Rowers Budd Inlet Race, September, 2000

Sound Rowers Lake Samish Salmon Roe, October, 2000. OK, so this was not on my Escapade; rather, it was on my "YA" paddlewheel boat.

Three Escapade cruise on Lake Union, October 21, 2000

Pocock Center to Ballard Locks, December 2, 2000

Here is a movie of my trial of Open Water Cycling's Cadence, December 28, 2000

Six Escapades on Lake Union, December 30, 2000

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My Escapade's new propeller, after doing some gardening in Mercer Slough.