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Welcome to Mike's Human Powered Vehicle Page

The following are pointers to Human Powered Vehicles (HPV's), in which I have a bit of interest:

Some MPEG movies of videos I took at the 1994 Human Powered Flight Symposium in Seattle: Yuri Helicopter, and the Oregon Helicopter (9 MB). A movie of the Pogo Foil (15MB) is also available. Click on the photo icons above for a much faster download from YouTube!

I took some MPEG movies at the Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race Oct. 1996. The parade (17MB), the road race (22MB), and the water entry (45MB) can all be seen. Click on the photo icons above for a much faster download via YouTube!
Here are some pictures I took at that race.

Here is a link to the 2002 Human Powered World Speed Championships, held in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Lots of interesting photos, etc.

Here are the only movies on the web of which I am aware showing some of the human powered aircraft from the Japanese Birdman Rally at Lake Biwa from a few years ago: movie 1 4MB, movie 2 3MB, movie 3 2MB, movie 4 5MB, and movie 5 10MB.

Pictures taken at Jerry Onufer's house training people to braze with MAPP gas torches, using boric acid for a highly effective flux.

Internation Human Powered Vehicle Association

Home pages of people with HPV's

Bicycle lighting systems and frequently asked questions about them

Mountain biking, free online topo maps, and trails guide

The White Dwarf human powered blimp

Here is an excellent HPV links and resource page by R. C. Gilmore

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