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Welcome to Mike and Kate's Links Page!

Christopher's personal web page. It is now defunct, at his request. However, you can still find it at The Internet Archives.

Our "Year in Pictures 1999" web page.

Here are some links to some interesting places I have found:

My Employer

The U.S. Library of Congress Catalog Gateway and Search page.

Virtual reference desk - very extensive!

Some good Internet cartoons

Virtual software library - pretty extensive!

Windows Virtual software library - also pretty good.

Satellites that can be observed with the naked eye

Weather Service for the Western US

Local Weather information in Bellevue, WA
Local weather forecast

Public Television web site

Internation Human Powered Vehicle Association

Pedaling History Bicycle Museum


Human Powered Vehicle Movies:

1994 Human Powered Flight Symposium in Seattle:
Yuri Helicopter MPEG Oregon Helicopter (9 MB MPEG) Pogo Foil (15MB MPEG)

Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race Oct. 1996:
Parade (17MB) Road race (22MB) Water entry (45MB)
Photos I took at that race.

Human powered aircraft from the Japanese Birdman Rally at Lake Biwa from a few years ago:
movie 1 4MB movie 2 3MB movie 3 2MB
movie 4 5MB movie 5 10MB


The following are several boating and travel-related sites I've found interesting:

Boat Launches in Washington State

WA State Ferry System

San Juan Islands, WA USA

Washington State Tourism - pretty good

Boating in the Pacific NW

Shoreline photos along the saltwater shores of Washington State.

Sound Rowers rowing/paddling/pedaling racing organization

Human powered boat resources

Human powered boat site from a European perspective

USA national traffic and road closure site

Click here to join CadencePedalBoats
Click to join CadencePedalBoats
Click here to join soundtourists
Click to join soundtourists


Commercial Pedal Boat Sites:

Aquacycle - giant yellow tired amphibious tricycle

Nauticraft Escapade - which I bought in July, 1999 and am having a lot of fun with. If you want a pedal boat that can handle 4 to 5 foot waves and keep you dry in a storm, this is it!
Open Water Cycling, the manufacturer of the super high performance Cadence pedal powered boat that looks something like a kayak. I have one of these, too, and it is my favorite boat when I want to go fast or far or launch where there is no ramp.
Pedalcraft, a US West Coast Nauticraft and Cadence dealer

Kevco HydroCycle (link no longer active!)
Velosea's Soleau (Out of business!)
Suncatcher HPB, also going (gone?) out of business
Surfbike Products' Surfbike - speedy, maneuverable (Out of business!)
New Cycling Frontier's speedy Wavebike (Out of business!)
Hydrocycles' Wave Walker - fairly fast though not nearly as fast as the Cadence, stable

TRAMPOFOIL unfortunately the manufacturer is now out of business (hydrofoil, cool)

The White Dwarf human powered blimp

Here is an excellent HPV links and resource page by R. C. Gilmore

Power assist frequently asked questions

Yogurt Study 50MB. A rather silly movie about intelligent yogurt.

The following are a bunch of hiking and mountaineering sites I have found to be of interest:

Washington Trails Association: - Excellent source of current trail reports plus club-related information such as volunteer crews for trail work.
GORP - Excellent site that offers a wide range of information on outdoor recreation and active travel.
Northwest Recreation Page: - This is an excellent page with several links to a variety of outdoor-related activities.
John Maher's Evergreen Hiker Site - Excellent source for first hand hiking accounts, indexed in several useful ways, with directions to the trailheads as well as links to topos of the areas.
Backcountry Trails Guide: - This cool site features hikes from all over the Northwest, and he will let you know how the fishing went. Also, printable topo maps and recipes to try out!
Seattle PI Getaways-Take a Hike: - The Seattle PI newspaper has an excellent hiking section. Karen Sykes, a longtime Seattle Mountaineer, provides us with a lot of hikes and associated histories. Also, there are articles on scrambling, outdoor safety, solo hiking, etc.
Welcome to Phil's Hikes, Trips, and, Adventures: - Great source for seasonal hiking reports, though not updated since 2000. - Awesome site that lists geocaches world-wide and provides info on how to get started.
WSGA - Washington State Geocachers Association's Website

US Border wait time

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