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Welcome to Mike's Inventing Page

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Here is a picture of my amphibious bicycle a.k.a. the Lampi Limo, with a spring suspension trailer I made for towing my kids, that bicycle with me on it in Port Townsend Bay, competing with the likes of the Killer Tomato. The Limo is now a.k.a. the Bantam Menace Pot Racer, with a couple of pictures from the 1999 KINK Kinetic Challenge at Stevenson, WA, along the Columbia River.

Some of the details of construction of my new and highly effective prop drive unit for the Bantam Menace Pot Racer can be found here. Here is my paddle wheel canoe.

Some pictures of the Shuttle Distress, a car sized amphibious kinetic "sculpture" I built, can be found on this page. As it was too big for me to keep any more I donated it to the Skamania County Parks and Recreation Department's Youth Activities Program in Stevenson, WA. They should have a lot of fun with it!

I have been working on a new boat, some pictures of which can be found here. It is still definitely in the development stage, as its current top speed with new outrigger pontoons and somewhat different paddle wheels is about the same as that of my Escapade.

Some information on my newly patented hat can be found here, along with some other pictures.

Here is a list of pointers that one should consider when designing a Kinetic Sculpture.

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