2002 Escapade (and other boat) Cruises

This page links to pictures and stories of cruises I took in 2002 in my Escapade pedal propelled boat.

Taking Aria out for a spin on Lake Washington near the 520 bridge, with Rusty Lane in tow, February 9, 2002. The story can be found here, or here with pictures.

La Conner race with the Sound Rowers (photos only) , and here with a story, February 23.

Pedalcraft booth at the Seattle Bike Expo, March 2nd.

Lake Sammamish Race with the Sound Rowers, March 9. Pictures are here.

ESCAPADE in search of a whale, on Puget Sound with Ron McDonald, March 26.

Pictures and story of the American Lake Challenge with the Sound Rowers, on American Lake near Tacoma, April 13.

Pictures from my week day cruise around Mercer Island, and to the Seattle end of the I-90 floating bridge. Yes, there are palm trees in Seattle! Well, on Mercer Island, anyway. Here is the story. April 30

Pictures and story of the Commencement Bay race with the Sound Rowers, on the Puget Sound waters of Tacoma, May 11. I used an OWC Cadence, and covered the approximately 7 miles in just over an hour!

Pictures and story of Bob Stuart's SpinFin and Lilac, an early model of pedal powered kayak, on Lake Sammamish, WA, May 24. This boat might well be faster and more stable than a Cadence, though the ride is certainly a bit wetter!

Map and story of a trip almost all the way to Eliza Island, WA, from Larrabee State park, June 1, 2002 in Lilac.

Pictures and story from the Sound Rowers Manchester race, June 8, 2002. These were taken from Lilac, with my digital camera protected by a shrink-wrap film.

An experience with the Dark Side of human powered boats: Rowing! June 12, 2002

Paddlewheeling & Escapading with folks from the Washington Water Trails Association (www.wwta.org) from the Museum of History & Industry to Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. Here is the story associated with this adventure. July 28, 2002.

Pedaling around Shaw Island in my Escapade with the Sound Rowers. Click here for the story. August 10, 2002.

Pedaling amongst Tall Ships in my Escapade along with two kids, in Seattle's Elliott Bay. August 15, 2002.

Pedaling Lilac in the Sound Rowers Great Cross Sound Race. Pictures only here. August 25, 2002.

The Bainbridge Island Marathon pictures and story. September 7, 2002.

The Budd Inlet Race pictures and story. September 21, 2002.

The Lake Samish Salmon Roe pictures and story. October 5, 2002.

The Cascade Distance Race pictures. October 19, 2002.

Rowing on Lake Washington near Newport Shores aboard D. Natelson's Row-Cat. October 15, 2002.

The Medina-Mercer Sausage Pull Race pictures and story. October 26, 2002.

The Sound Rowers Annual Meeting pictures. December 7, 2002.

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