Mike's New Boat, September, 2000

Here are some pictures of my latest pedal propelled boat. This particular boat uses a pair of paddle wheels for propulsion in the water. It should not have any problems whatsoever with weeds, and with its relatively shallow draft is should be able to go most places that a kayak or canoe can travel.

These photos show how I transport the boat on top of my Dodge Neon. As the craft is about 19 feet long, the use of an aluminum extension ladder and a trailer hitch mounted bicycle carrier seem to work quite well in supporting the fiberglass and foam hull, and as lash points for the propulsion framework. Note that the paddle wheels fit quite nicely on the bicycle carrier, and give the rear of the car a "turbo" look.

This is the first time that the boat has been placed in the water.

A friendly stranger was kind enough to take this picture of me in the few seconds that the boat remained upright. The pontoons were woefully too small to prevent the hull from rotating, and the pontoon supports were too weak as well.

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