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The above picture was extracted from a camcorder movie taken at Cowichan Bay, B.C., Canada, in 1994 at the Cowichan Bay Maritime Festival. It was drizzling that morning, hence I am wearing a poncho. My son Christopher is in the bow.

The following pictures were taken by Bob Stuart at Yreka, California, at Lake Siskyiou during the IHPVA World Championships. With a strong pedaler and a strong paddler, Dakanu was clocked at about 6 knots over a 100 meter course.

You can click on each of these pictures for a larger image.

Another person (I forgot who!) being taken for a ride

In the bow is Yuya Inoe, a Japanese foreign exchange student who was staying with us that summer. In the center is Christopher, and I am in the stern.

At one corner of the lake people were swinging out over the water from a very long rope, and dropping into the drink.

Christopher and I at Cowichan Bay in 1995. Werner Vogel's catamaran are visible in the background.


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