Sound Rowers Lake Samish Salmon Roe Race, October 7, 2000

The weather was perfect this year at Lake Samish. Temperatures were in the upper 50's to low 60's, with no wind.

My newest boat, on its 4th time in the water.

The start of the race.

There were really a lot of boats!

The first returning boats - not a close race at all!

The finish line

At long last I appear

Getting closer ...

With a time of 1 hr 26 min, I set a new level of frustration with my new boat. I would have been faster in my Escapade! Anyway, I had quite a few chain derailment problems that increased my time by at least 5 minutes, as well as wearing me out much faster.

Nonetheless, I managed to pass the last two other racers en route, and placed first in the paddle wheel class. OK, ok, so I was the only entry in the paddle wheel class, I still worked for it!

It was another great day for an excellent race.

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