The Year in Pictures 1999


From the Lampi Family!

The Photographer got Max to stop screaming just long enough to get a picture


Samena Preschool Circus- Aria is 3rd elephant from left


Aria, the dancing bear, gets a few pointers


Easter Girl


Christopher and albino boa


Scouts have their day in court.(Observation Only!)


Pail of crabs at Scout Camp


Scout Camp climbing



The 1999 Major Home Improvement Project.

The Deck

The deck- paperwork started in June-


work started late August-


work finished late Oct. (Just in time for rain!)


Be wary of green veggies


Max graduated from the Kindering Center.(


Aria, Rosina & friend at "Rosina's School"


The extended Newcomb Family at Eugene (aka Dad) Newcomb's Survival Party in honor of his 65th Birthday.(and yes, Christopher is making a face)


The Newcomb Family in Chronological Order

          Dad            Tim            Jeff             Jon

Patricia(Mom)        Kate        Jess         Jenny         Laura


Max and his cousins discovered a wonderful dirt pile while attending Grandpa's Party.


A boatload of cousins on the lake at Aunt Jenny's house July 4th. Max wasn't too sure this was fun.


Visiting with Karen & family. Kate & Karen had earlier attended their 25th High School Reunion



On the shores of Michigan


Castle Rock lookout


Bathing Beauty at Wilderness Resorts


A lucky Lampi get-together in Minocqua


On our X-country trip, the accommodations weren't always the finest & sleeping quarters proved to be quite tight at times.


Christopher as Bishop in Robin Hood


Mike learns to water ski.

(Kate just learned to eat spray, like Mike is doing above)


Cross Sound Challenge boat race


The Escapade!


Kinetic Sculpture race at Stevenson WA.


Mike won the Mediocrity Award (which is actually the best award and came with the best prizes!) Don't try to's a kinetic thing.


Mike's brother Kurt keeps Aria & Christopher in line


Mike in the Port Townsend Kinetic Sculpture Race


Max chases geese, not buffalo, at the Olympic Game Farm


Max, Ms. Karly, & friends at his Special Needs Preschool Class


Mike w/ consolation Xmas Prize


Our Pokemon Christmas tree!


The annual gingerbread house.


Pokemon Rule!!