Port Townsend Kinetic Sculpture Race 1999


My apologies for those names I've managed to mangle and/or forget. Please send any corrections to lampiksr@lampi.us.

Angelic Skow



Bad Clams and Your Worst Fear

Dung Ho

Millenium Love Bug

Goofy Galleon

Milk Duds

Muckle Flugga

Pod Squad


Bantam Menace Pot Racer and Lampoon

Bantam Menace Pot Racer

Two Women of Equal Weight

Queen of the Universe


Cheeze Whiz, designed and operated by a 10 year old girl

Rex Files

Rex Files

Float Test #1 - Wagon, Bantam Menace and Milk Duds

Float Test #2 - Bantam Menace, Dung Ho, Queen of the Universe, Goofy Galleon

Float Test #3 - Lampoon, Pirate?, Dung Ho, Pink Panther?

Float Test #4 - Millenium Love Bug (the green thing with the big lips, ready to fold in half and nearly sink!), ???

Bad Clams and Bantam Menace (water)

Bad Clams (water)

Lampoon (water)

Your Worst Fear and Bantam Menace and Bad Clams (water)

Two Women of Equal Weight (water)

Dungo Ho and Pirates (water)

Mud Bog

Hobart Brown at Awards Ceremony

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